Justin Timberlake is making me eat my words for saying he wouldn’t last as an actor. With his new movie Runner, Runner coming out this week, I’m inspired to create my list of five great musicians-turned-actors.

5) Almost every rapper ever

Four Brothers

Marky Mark, Snoop Dog, Mos Def, DMX, Queen Latifah, TuPac, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Ice T, Ludacris, Eminem, Common, T.I. and Lil’ Kim have all tried their hand at acting and most did pretty well! There’s something about being an intense rapper that just makes you good at being an intense actor… sometimes.

4) Jenny from the Block

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is on this list for a couple reasons. First, she’s a super successful dancer/singer and second, she changed the all-white face of rom-coms in the 2000s. She’s been a money making machine since Selena (1997) and Anaconda (1997) straight through The Wedding Planner (2001), Maid in Manhattan (2002), Shall We Dance (2004) and Monster-in-Law (2005).

3) Courtney Love

courtney love

My personal favourite, Love is the hero of trashy 90s lady badassness. The front-woman of Hole and the widow of a grunge icon, Love has a lot of reasons to play sad, messed up characters. Her big movies include Sid and Nancy (1986), The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996), Man on the Moon (1999) and 200 Cigarettes (1999). She’s due for a comeback!

2) Will Smith

will smith

Though some of you might argue Will Smith is barely a musician, Wild Wild West begs to differ. The PG rapper has starred in tons of hits from his own show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996) to Independence Day (1996), Men in Black (1997), Ali (2001), The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) and After Earth (2013). He’s blockbuster gold and just really likeable! It also helps that he has a rad family.

1) Cher


Goddess bless Cher for being flawless and at the same time super weird. She is my number one because she’s always been both a musician and a slaptastic actor. After her variety show in the 70s she went on to make lots of great and not-so-great movies including Mask (1985), Moonstruck (1987) and Burlesque (2010). She’s won 3 Golden Globes, an Oscar and countless awards in my heart for being the coolest mom ever.

Honourable mentions: Barbara Streisand, Bjork, Madonna, Beyonce, Meat Loaf



  1. totally agree with you on Cher! Moonstruck is definitely one of my favourite movies ever!


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