GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 3): Sarah Michelle Gellar




Role in the horror community: Big and small screen scream queen

Claim to fame: In the movie realm, I Know What You Did Last Summer, the late ’90s slasher which had her playing small-town beauty queen Helen Shivers (see pic above) opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt’s final girl Julie James and future husband Freddie Prinze Jr. But of course she was also TV’s most badass horror heroine — Buffy the Vampire Slayer — for seven years. 

Weapon of choice: It’s a tie between Mr. Pointy (Buffy’s stabby stabby stabber) and her killer good looks (see: next category).

Why she’s bloody brilliant: SMG’s Buffy went against the sexist horror traditions laid out by early slashers, proving that the hot, sexually aware, quick-with-a-quip blonde is not only capable of living to see the end of the movie (or, in this case, show), but fully equipped to save it — with style to (stylishly comfortable) boot! You can see similar traits in Helen as well. Yes, she broke down after I Know What You Did‘s slicker-and-hook-rocking villain chopped off her flowing locks, and was eventually killed. But girl put up a serious fight during her death scene, and all while rocking a sexy new lob (long bob) and silky dress.

What’s also great about SMG is that she seemingly recognizes the love horror fans have for her, choosing to compliment and follow up Buffy with some other genre picks, including a cameo in Scream 2, and lead roles in The Grudge (U.S. version) and The Return. None of these compare to I Know What You Did, or Buffy, but again, you gotta love a girl who recognizes and attempts to use her strengths to her advantage.

Speaking of which, OMG does SMG know how to scream:

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