GIRLS ON HORROR (Oct. 1): Laurie Strode




Role in the horror community: Final girl

Claim to fame: Halloween, the 1978 John Carpenter slasher that introduced the world to Michael Myers, Laurie’s murderous, spray painted William Shatner mask-wearing older brother.

The classic Jamie Lee Curtis iteration also appears in Halloween II, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Halloween: Resurrection, and is mentioned in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, aher daughter, Jamie (Danielle Harris), is stalked by Michael. Meanwhile, Scout Taylor-Compton’s less superior version simply lives in the Rob Zombie remakes (the 2007 version of Halloween and 2009’s Halloween II).

Weapon of choice: It depends, but usually whatever Michael is trying to kill her with. And a lot of times, that’s a simple butcher’s knife.

Why she’s bloody brilliant: She’s recognized as the formative (not to be confused with the first, as that would technically be Black Christmas’s Jess) final girl, having paved the way for many of the horror heroines that we’ve come to love, respect and build month-long tributes to with her relentless bravery.

Although some may argue that’s Laurie’s not necessarily a full-out feminist icon, given that she is essentially saved by a man (Dr. Loomis) in the first Halloween, she continually goes to great lengths to protect herself and those around her, including (in the first film at least) young children. Even when she’s literally backed into a corner, as she is in the infamous closet scene, she never stops fighting for her life. Hell, she even keeps going after Michael in Halloween II, when she’s in the hospital and hobbling around because she’s still recovering from the injuries she amassed in the first film. (“The night he came home?” More like the night she came into herself!)

Technically, Laurie’s supposed to be dead in Halloween 4 and 5, having passed away from natural, non-Michael causes. But she comes back with full force in Halloween H20, and, having come to know her butcher brother’s weaknesses all too well, manages to (seemingly) behead Michael. Halloween: Resurrection paints another picture, pretending that Michael didn’t actually die (Laurie killed a paramedic with a Michael mask on instead) and killing off Laurie in the opening scene. But this lifelong Halloween celebrator (it was the first horror I watched at the age of 7!), I pretend that movie didn’t happen. Cause I know the real Laurie would never let that fucker go free without a legitimate fight.

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