DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT: He’s Just Not That Into You


What it’s about: Set in Baltimore (a somewhat odd location for a film unless it’s Hairspray), He’s Just Not That Into You follows the storylines of nine people and how they are connected to each other through love, dating, friendship and affairs. The film is based on a once-popular self-help book of the same name whose aim it is to help single women everywhere realize when a man is or isn’t into them.

Who’s in it: The question should really be “Who isn’t in it?” This ensemble cast features a lot of big names like Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long and Kevin Connolly.

When it came out: 2009

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: It’s possible that you’ve heard about this movie, but because of the other major releases that came out around the same time as He’s Just Not That Into You, it was easy for “another romantic comedy” to slip through the cracks unnoticed. Add in the fact that the trailer promoted Ginnifer Goodwin above than the rest of the cast (probably the least-recognized actress of the cast at the time) and the countless references made to Myspace (in 2009!) and the trailer made the film seem outdated and cheesy.

Why you need to watch it-immediately!

  • In the same vein as Love Actually (although perhaps not as good and definitely not as British), He’s Just Not That Into You actually does the whole interconnected storylines thing very well
  • Whether you want to or not, you’ll most definitely find yourself relating to at least one of the female characters and what she goes through in her relationship (for most of us, that character will sadly be Gigi)
  • Because once in a while you really DO want to watch that cheesy-yet-relatable rom-com after a bad break-up (you know, as you sniffle into Kleenex and eat another spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream)
  • The film stars Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Justin Long and Kevin Connolly. In other words, there’s enough eye candy in this film for everyone
  • It gets better each time you re-watch it. By the third watch you’ll catch yourself quoting direct lines and saying things like “You’re so paranoid he’s cheating on you… Stop being such a Janine.”

KileyA student of Centennial’s post-graduate Book and Magazine publishing program, Kiley enjoys spending most of her time crying over Tom Hanks romcoms, watching Downton Abbey and hoping that Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen continue making movies with only each other.


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