Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Don Jon and James Franco with Child of God! Seems like everyone is trying to prove themselves as triple threats (in the acting/writing/directing way) and we’re all intrigued! So here is my top five written by/directed by/starred in films.

5) Dennis Hopper (and Peter Fonda), Easy Rider


Hopper and Fonda’s huge breakthrough indie classic paved the way for all kinds of underground filmmaking. This film made them the face of new Hollywood and the voice of a generational movement. A movie about drugs, motorcycles and being beat down by the “man”, this movie epitomizes hippie culture.

4) Mel Brooks, Spaceballs


I snuck this one in even though Mel Brooks isn’t the actual main character but who cares. Mel Brooks is the only dude who can make a pun look like art. His movies are silly, cheesy and insanely smart. This Star Wars parody is one of his classics. I saw this first and it honestly was the only reason I saw Star Wars.

3) Miranda July, The Future


July is one of my favourite weird lady indie movie makers. Her movies are unique and playful, personal without being too self involved and I think she’s going to get better as she gets more recognition. This movie is a little more straightforward that her first You, Me and Everyone We Know, but it still has all the elements that make her movies uniquely hers.

2) Rob Reiner, Spinal Tap

rob reiner this is spinal tap 1

Starring Christopher Guest’s go-to gang and co-written by Guest himself, Spinal Tap was the launchpad for all the best subtle comedies. This movie should be mandatory viewing for anyone who thinks comedy is all fart jokes. A story about a washed up, self-proclaimed hardcore rock band never seemed so smart.

1) Woody Allen, any of them!


The king of narcissism, self-obsessed, and self-deprecating perfection, Woody Allen is my main man. I know he isn’t everyone’s favourite but you have to admit, he does what he does really well. He can make a ten minute monologue about his own anxieties watchable.

Honourable Mentions: Jackie Chan movies; Ben Stiller, Zoolander; Xavier Dolan, J’ai tue ma mère; Sylvester Stalone, Rocky


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