What it’s about: It’s a concert film featuring Talking Heads. Directed by the great Jonathan Demme, this is a movie for music and film lovers alike.

Who’s in it: David Byrne and his awesome band Talking Heads.

When it came out: 1984

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: This is a funny one because I watched it in an American Cinema class in university. Had it not been for that course, I probably never would have picked this one out for myself. When it comes to music, I usually run the other way when it comes to the 1980s and new wave. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. And concert films can be sort of dull if you’re not an already fan of the band.

Why you need to watch it immediately!:

  • You will be absolutely 100 per cent captivated by David Byrne and his magical moves. I have never enjoyed watching another human being so much in my entire life.
  • The lighting, set design and costumes are all perfect.
  • THE MUSIC. Have you listened to Talking Heads? You’ll be obsessed, trust me.
  • David Byrne starting the concert with a solo version of “Psycho Killer.”
  • THE (iconic) BIG SUIT. You’ll know it when you see it.
  • Band member Tina Weymouth is a chick that rocks. Rocks hard.
  • The band’s energy is contagious and jumps off the screen.
  • It’s an exceptional mix of film and music. It is 90 minutes of bliss.

DanitaDanita loves musicals, Bette Midler, sandwiches, Real Housewives, great horror films, and The Golden Girls. She’s a barista, bookworm, cinephile, and celebrity stalker. If she’s at home, she’s in her pajamas. Follow her on Twitter @danita_35.

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