HOME VIDEO: Olympus Has Fallen



I remember when this movie was getting ready to hit theatres, but for some reason it just sort of faded away (at least to me). The trailer looked really good and action-packed–and it even ranked second in box office earnings after the first weekend, exceeding the expected $23 million by a whopping $7 mill–yet no fille signed up to review it when it was still on the big screen, and the next thing you know it was rolling out onto home video. So, I decided to give this short-lived box office-breaking flick a shot on a lazy Friday night in (I figured if I couldn’t lure my action movie-loving boyfriend to watch this, then he’s a tougher critic than I am). Let me just say, I understand why it beat the box office expectations but can’t for the life of me fathom why I didn’t go see this in theatres.

Olympus Has Fallen tells the story of ex-Secret Service Presidential guard Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who comes to the President’s aid (played by cutie dimple-chinned Aaron Eckhart) when the White House falls under siege and is attacked by a band of terrorists who are holding a serious grudge against the U.S. (Why is Banning an ex-Presidential guard, you ask? Well, it all has to do with an unfortunate accident involving the First Lady’s death–no spoiler, this happens within the first five minutes–and the President being unable to come to terms with the fact that Banning was present.) With Banning’s undisputed knowledge of the layout of the White House, he takes matters into his own sexy man-hands and sets on a mission to save the President, the White House and the United States of America.

Honestly, this movie was pretty badass and really my only qualms with it were the poor CGI (seriously so bad at some points) and the over-patriotism (read: narcissism) portrayed by the Americans in this movie. I mean “Olympus” is the code word for the White House for crying out loud. If comparing one of your main governmental institutions to the home of the Greek gods isn’t considered at least a little self-involved, then I don’t know what is.

Other than that, this movie was pretty cool and well worth the two hour run-time. It had action, a plausible and believable storyline and a really great cast. Definitely a good pick for a lazy Friday night in.


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