GIMME FIVE: Better choices for Batman


Like everyone, we’re sorta flipping out over the recent Batman casting news. We are Ben Affleck supporters here, especially when it comes to his directing work. But we also know what happened last time he tried to play a superhero (Daredevil, anyone?), and don’t think he has the dark charm that is so specific to Bruce Wayne.

Here are five other actors we think deserve the bat signal above Ben.

Jon Hamm

Bat - John

With Mad Men entering its final season, it’s time for the Hamm man to jump onto a new ship. And now that he has years of playing Don Draper — a more dickish version of Bruce Wayne– under his belt, he is primed to play this part. He’s also good-looking, but in a slightly gruffer way, which is essential for Batman. He can’t be prettier than Superman (not that that would be possible with the gorgeous Henry Cavil playing him).

Also, that’s Jon pictured above with an old Batman and this alleged new Batman. If that’s not a signal, we don’t know what is…

Matthew Goode


This Brit has got experience with the superhero verse, having previously appeared as Ozymandias in that awful Watchmen flick. He’s also a scary slick type, with the ability to play both charming and aggressive in the span of mere minutes (this year’s Stoker is a great example). He’d have to bulk up a bit, but surely the workout room at Wayne Manor could be of assistance.

Idris Elba


I’m pulling a race card here, which will infuriate some comic book purists. But if we’re talking sheer likeability and strength (both physically and professionally), Idris is our guy.  Like Hamm, he’s just coming off playing a man much like Bruce (DCI John Luther), so he could ease into the character no sweat. Also, to be totally frank, dude would look GOOD in both the Batsuit and a tux. (Case in point: the above photo of him in Pacific Rim.)

Gabriel Macht


We’re throwing this one in the ring simply because IT’S HIS CURRENT JOB TO LOOK GOOD IN SUITS. Literally. He’s on a show called Suits.

But in all seriousness, Macht has that dark, mysterious aura about him, which he cuts carefully with a winning smile and a built-in sexy small talk navigation system. The only issue with him is the same one people would have with Ryan Gosling: he’s blonde.

Josh Brolin


A slightly older choice than the others, but still solid. He’s an unquestionably great actor with the perfect hair and face for the Caped Crusader. (We’re forgiving him for Jonah Hex.) And how hilarious would it be if they got his dad — James Brolin — to play Alfred. (No offense, Mr. Barbra Streisand.)

Furthermore, please observe the awesomeness that is this fanmade mock-up of him in the Batsuit.



Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) and Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class)



Sam Rockwell

P.S. – If we had our choice in the matter, we’d be talking Batgirl and throwing names like Jennifer Lawrence and Mae Whitman and maybe even, for the love of Ghost World, Thora Birch.



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