DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai


What it’s about: Forest Whitaker plays a freelance hitman for the Italian mafia who follows the way of the Samurai. Things get messy as one’s life of crime usually does.

Who’s in it: Mostly just Forest Whitaker

When it came out: 1999

How come you haven’t heard of (or just seen) it: You may not have heard of any of Jim Jarmusch films cause they’re all totally weird but trust me, go watch them. Also this one in particular might have gotten a bit lost in the crime drama wave of the mid/late 90s. Forest Whitaker wasn’t a huge star at a time when star power was the big money maker in Hollywood. No one really talks about “classic Whitaker movies” like they do with other stars, but they should.

Why you need to watch it immediately!: Ghost Dog is a unique crime movie in that it relies on crime standards (Italian mob) and at the same time messes with crime film stereotypes and tropes (ex: gang culture vs. the lone hero). A slower paced and more thoughtful film for fans of the genre, with a poetic and silly side.


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