Fruitvale Station

fruitvale station

True events are depicted on film all of the time, but rarely do these films achieve subtleness while still being extremely impactful.

In the wake of recent events, with the recent verdict of George Zimmerman is the Trayvon Martin case, films that deal with the relationship between police officers and citizens are resonant. Fruitvale Station tells the true story of Oscar Grant III, a not so perfect boyfriend to the mother of his daughter Tatiana, but a great father and a good person. He messes up a lot in life and has paid the consequences many times. We see this just by having a glimpse into one day of his life — the day that he has a fatal run-in with two corrupt cops at a subway station.

Oscar’s characterization is established amazingly, due to both the brilliant direction and screenplay by Ryan Coogler — in his first feature nonetheless! — and also to the understated, but emotionally hard-hitting performance of Michael B. Jordan. All of the acting in this film is noteworthy, but Jordan deserves Academy attention for his performance of Oscar. Still, you can’t rule out the equally deserving performances of Octavia Spencer as Oscar’s mother, and Melonie Diaz as his current girlfriend Sophina.

This is the kind of film that will keep you thinking about it long after you have left the theatre, as what it says about racism, politics and violence in our society is an issue that we continue to face. It is a relevant film that will leave anyone with a heart feeling severely disappointed with the way our society handles crime, the biases and racism that still exists, and how an innocent person can so easily become the victim of these ideas that never seem to go away.


adrianaAdriana Floridia is a girl who has been passionate about film her whole life. Get to know her on Twitter @adrifloridia.


One response to “Fruitvale Station

  1. I saw this last night — so sad. As a criminologist, I found it unsurprising. All I could think was, “F*&% the police!” It’s good this movie was made.

    Side note for anyone interested in race and policing: NYC’s racist stop-and-frisk policy has been deemed unconstitutional recently.

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