The Company You Keep



The movie caught my eye for a bunch of reasons. I like political dramas, I like Redford and this movie has a whole bunch of old people in it!  The cast is impressive, go have a look. The movie starts with a curious young journalist (LaBeouf) chasing a story about long gone anti-Vietnam War activists after one member turns herself in. Mysteries and secret identities are revealed!

Robert Redford is few and far between these days so when he’s in a movie or directs one, I’m there! Though Shia is one of the main leads, mostly this movie is scenes of old people running around and it is amazing! In a society that is youth/beauty centred, this movie was a welcome change. I was ready for a bit of a slow and steady story (because I’m an ageist) and instead I was proven so wrong with a well paced and well written script (though a lot of credit has to go to the original book). Having an older cast/characters made the story a little complicated. All the characters had complex histories and gave them more to lose. The contrast between the young journalist with a one track mind and the ex-political activist with his whole life behind him is an interesting dynamic. Though sometimes it felt like grandparents giving grandkids the old “back in my day…” speech, mostly it felt like a lesson that nothing stays in the past.

This movie is worth a watch, specially if you like political/historical dramas but also if you like a surprisingly spry Robert Redford (he’s 77!!!).


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