Grown Ups 2

grown ups 2


Adam Sandler basically has a party with his friends, and gets paid millions of dollars to do it. Must be nice. Grown Ups 2, while being incredibly pointless, often tasteless, and really just a mesh of left over Adam Sandler-esque jokes and gags, still had me laughing. It depends on the way you watch the film. This is the kind of movie that you can see with a bunch of your best friends and poke fun at just how stupid it is. It’s fun to be the smarter person in terms of the audience-filmmaker relationship sometimes.

This film, which is the unnecessary sequel to the film Grown Ups, features some of the more comedically talented people in the industry: Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Adam Sandler star, as well as just about anyone these guys are friends with. Adam Sandler and his film company Happy Madison made the film, and it is just saddening that he feels the need to keep churning out crappy comedies year after year instead of trying to make a film with some quality, or at least some purpose.

That being said, I didn’t hate Grown Ups. I laughed more at it than with it, but it can still be an enjoyable time. It does have some strange, off-kilter jokes that kind of work in the context. It also heavily relies on gags, poop jokes and other tired resorts. One stand-out scene though is the car wash featuring a slew of Saturday Night Live cast members. Got to love those guys.

Nick Swarsdon, Adam’s new muse it seems, co-stars in the film and it needs to be mentioned that this guy literally has no self-respect as an actor. His jokes hit the lowest of lows that the film has and it’s not even funny. He embodies the definition of a cheap joke. The cast is large and many talented people are involved. It’s kind of sad, but at least they probably had some fun and also are glowing at the fact that they’re still going to make big bucks for making this piece of garbage.

The film has no plot, it is simply a day in the life of these four “adults”, with random scenes that don’t necessarily relate to each other, of the random events during the course of their day. As I said, sometimes the film is funny and there are laughs. Some quick one liners and bizarre stretches for a joke actually worked at times. However, for the most part, the film is just recycled old jokes that have not been funny for a long time. It’s mindless; it’s a guilty-pleasure type film. Sometimes it’s so bad it’s good, but it depends with what perspective you watch the film.

It makes me sad personally because Adam Sandler is a talented guy, and he could be doing so much better. So could everyone else in this film. Except for maybe Taylor Lautner, whose small role in this film may be the best work he can or should get. Grown Ups 2 just makes me want to tell Adam Sandler and company to just grow up already.


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