GIMME FIVE: “Other” Happy Madison Movies

Grown ups 2


With Grown Ups 2 out this week, which means that Adam Sandler fans will be heading to the theatres soon, without second thought (even though the first Grown Ups wasn’t that great). But in some ways, Grown Ups 2 isn’t exactly a Sandler movie in the way that The WaterboyBilly MadisonHappy Gilmore, et al. are. It’s an ensemble comedy, driven by the group dynamic, which is often hit and miss. So, until you’re able to catch it (or to help you recuperate after possible disappointment), here are five more “other” Happy Madison movies that aren’t exactly “Sandler movies” but are worth a watch anyway.

5) Joe Dirt

Joe Dirt

So, admittedly, this movie isn’t very good, but if you’re a Happy Madison fan, you owe it to yourself to give this movie at least one try, because David Spade is pretty good, even if his material isn’t. And a young Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle) is always great.

4) The Longest Yard

the longest yard

This movie took a bit of heat from fans of the original movie, but I haven’t seen the original and I like Sandler, so this movie worked for me. It wasn’t exactly comedic (though there were some humorous moments, much due credit to Tracey Morgan), but it was meaningful, in a light way.

3) The Master of Disguise

master of disguise

This movie is pretty stupid, in the best of Happy Madison ways. To give you a taste, Dana Carvey’s character’s name is Pistachio Disguisey. What the hell kind of stupid name is that? I love it. It also has a 1% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Bahahaha!

2) The Hot Chick

the hot chick

Although Rachel McAdam’s plays the Regina George-type titular character originally, this movie is actually one part Rob Schneider and one part Anna Faris and it works. (But, keep your eye out for Adam Sandler’s hilarious cameo.) Please don’t let Schneider’s name repel you from this movie; if there’s anything he has ever done right in his career, it’s this–aside from his recurring “You can do it!”

1) The House Bunny

the house bunny

You may not have seen movie because its trailer doesn’t really do it justice, but this movie is hilarious–it’s my favourite Anna Faris comedy of all time (I say comedy, because there’s also May). It also stars Emma Stone, Kat Dennings, Katharine McPhee, Beverly D’Angelo and Colin Hanks, so it’s pretty great all around.


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