Despicable Me 2



Creating an adult-friendly kid movie is no easy feat. You have to conceal the jokes enough that you don’t have to try to find the words to explain something inappropriate later, but not so PG that parents dread the very thought of carting their youngins to the theatre to watch yet another flick about a singing and dancing elf. Like so many before it, the original Despicable Me, which came out in 2010, was that perfectly happy balance of adult-friendly humour with child-appropriateness. So many times in the movie biz we see sequels crash and burn compared to their successful movie predecessors, but I can confidently say, this was not the case with Despicable Me 2. This particular sequel was well thought-out and executed, and reminded me of why I loved the first one so much.

In DM2, we find Gru as a wonderfully doting father–so much so he even dresses up as a fairy princess (who knew pink was his colour?) for sweetie-pie Agnes–who has pulled himself out of the villainous I-want-to-take-over-the-world game and is now the proud owner of a not-so-lucrative jam and jelly company. When the Anti-Villain League contacts him in hopes he can help save the world from a new super-villain that has surfaced, how can he say no? (Especially when his partner in crime, er, do-gooding is sassy, cute and very available.) Alongside Agent Lucy Wilde (played by the hilarious Kristen Wiig, who you might remember as the voice of Miss Hattie in the first flick), Gru tries to track down this new villain that is creating a race of highly destructive super-minions, that slightly resemble and sound like the Tazmanian Devil, while also playing father to three rapidly growing girls (one of whom has just discovered how much she likes boys with Bieber cuts and wicked dance moves).

This movie had the same antics and hilarity as the first the flick, but with a completely different storyline. Believe it or not, it even touches on some of the issues of being a single parent and wanting to get out there and date, but does so in a very funny, that-would-only-happen-to-Gru, way.

And the minions! Oh, the minions. I so very want an army of these, if only to entertain me for hours on end. The things they do and say can only be appreciated when you see it for yourself. While I don’t quite know how the movie would be executed logistically (ie. will there be any real dialogue?), I really hope a minion spin-off movie isn’t just a rumour.


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