STAY CLASSY: 3:10 to Yuma (1957)


Year released: 1957

Why it’s lasted:  Old timey handsome dudes! OK, other than that, there’s the obvious nostalgia factor of ’50s black and white Glenn Ford westerns. This is more of a character story than traditional westerns. Though it still has the underlining story about the struggle against the elements/odds in the wild frontier, the real story is about the two dudes (one bad, one good), who have more in common than they think (classic).

Classic moments: 

  • The dinner scene, where our down and out hero hosts the bad guy for dinner while they wait to head to their next location together. The young boys of the family ask their mum why she won’t pray for the bad guy, and the mum replies, very patiently, “Prayer is for everyone.” Everyone learns a valuable lesson about humaaaaaanity. Sigh.
  • The bar scene, where our bad guy band show up at the saloon. The bar maid is ready with a bottle of hooch and a bunch of glasses and proceeds to fill the glasses in a line continuously while they drink continuously.
  • The theme song! Why don’t movies have proper theme songs anymore, specially with the title of the movie in them?

Does it still hold up? It’s a good one! ’50s westerns are always fun, but this one is pretty great because of its great cinematography. Black and white movies can look cheap but this one was all gorgeous desert shots. I was totally into the story which was surprisingly suspenseful, and it’s making me curious about the remake!


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