Drag Me to Hell poster


WHAT it’s about: A young banker, Christine, declines a loan request from an old woman who happens to be a curse spreading gypsy. In the days that follow, supernatural forces begin to ruin Christine’s life.

WHO’s in it: Alison Lohman and Justin Long

WHEN it came out: 2009

HOW come you haven’t heard of (or seen) it: It debuted at the end of May 2009, right around the same time a lot of summer blockbusters were coming out–Star Trek, Transformers, Harry Potter. There were also some big comedies being released around the same time–The Hangover, Bruno. These films overshadowed this campy horror and it had a hard time finding its audience.

WHY you need to watch it—immediately!

  • There’s an awesome fight scene between Christine and the old gypsy woman, which is both parts creepy and hilarious, in true Sam Raimi style.
  • Oh, right. Did I mention it is directed by Sam Raimi, director of The Evil Dead series?
  • You can watch blonde and bright-eyed Alison Lohman cough out a fly at a fancy dinner party.
  • A film like this wouldn’t be complete without a campy séance and eccentric medium, and Raimi doesn’t disappoint in this department.
  • There’s also a little grave digging, which results in a nod to Poltergeist.
  • There are countless other horror references, from Nosferatu to The Evil Dead. I love when a director is a die-hard fan of the genre.
  • With its tone, music, and style, it acts as homage and a parody (all at once!) to the horror classics that came before it.
  • When all is said and done, it is a pretty scary flick at its core, perfect for Halloween time.
  • It doesn’t end the way you expect it to.

DanitaDanita loves musicals, Bette Midler, sandwiches, Real Housewives, great horror films, and The Golden Girls. She’s a barista, bookworm, cinephile, and celebrity stalker. If she’s at home, she’s in her pajamas. Follow her on Twitter @danita_35.

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