DVD: Nobody Walks


Have you seen The Kids Are All Right? If you have then you don’t need to see Nobody Walks. Unless you’re really into John Krasinski trying to be anything other than Jim Halpert.

I was so excited to see this movie cause I am for reals madly in love with off-beat darling du jour Olivia Thirlby. The film was also written by “it” lady and Girls star Lena Dunham. I know people either love her or hate her and I feel the same. I can’t resist her stuff, or help but hate a lot of it!

Nobody Walks was directed by another indie lady, Ry Russo-Young. I don’t know this gal, but I get it. These young women are trying to explain the complexities of relationships and feelings and sex and blah, blah, blah. I’m the same-ish age as these two and I wasn’t even buying it. I’m down for a good messy relationship-based movie and love movies about character development, but this one just didn’t do it for me. It just tried to do too many things at once and didn’t develop any of them.

Despite my complaining, it’s nice to see a movie written by, directed by and starring ladies! And not in a usual way! Keep ’em coming!

But let’s get to my Kids Are All Right comparison. Kids is about a modern/trendy family of four. One of the parents has (SPOILER ALERT!) an affair and it messes the family up, but doesn’t ultimately ruin it. Nobody is about a modern/trendy family of four. One of the parents has an affair (along with a few other distractions), and the family gets messed up, but not enough to ruin it.

The thing that I really liked about Kids was the depth of the characters. No character was one note; they all has their own identities. You could tell someone really put a lot of thought into these people’s lives and treated them with consideration. Nobody, on the other hand, was looking for drama and style over any real depth.

I still kind of enjoyed it, mostly because of Thirlby, who was fun to watch. But in the end, it just wasn’t anything! It wasn’t emotional, sad, intense or anything! I get that the new “cool” is all aloofness and not caring, but sometimes that can be so blah.


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