We Dig Music: Elizabethtown

Elizabethtown OST


The movie: At a critical moment in his shoe designing career, Drew’s (Orlando Bloom) father passes away while visiting family in Kentucky. After receiving the news, Drew travels to the small town of Elizabethtown to retrieve his father’s body. On the way, he meets a quirky flight attendant, Claire (Kirsten Dunst), who helps him overcome his personal obstacles.

The soundtrack: Directed by Cameron Crowe, Elizabethtown was bound to have a great soundtrack. He started out as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, so Crowe knows music. The soundtrack is a little country, and a lot folksy, with the perfect mix of classic and current. Perfectly capturing the feel of a sleepy Southern town, the songs are dusty, raspy, and warm. It is pure movie magic when a soundtrack’s songs seem written specifically for the movie, which is certainly the case with Elizabethtown. Part road trip flick, this soundtrack is perfect for that summer’s day cruise with the windows down.

The Playlist:

  • “60B (Etown Theme)” by Nancy Wilson
  • “It’ll All Work Out” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • “My Father’s Gun” by Elton John
  • “10 (This Time Around)” by Helen Stellar
  • “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams
  • “Where to Begin” by My Morning Jacket
  • “Long Ride Home” by Patty Griffin
  • “Sugar Blue” by Jeff Finlin
  • “Don’t I Hold You” by Wheat
  • “Shut Us Down” by Lindsey Buckingham
  • “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)” by The Hombres
  • “Hard Times (Come Again No More)” by Eastmountainsouth
  • “Jesus Was a Cross Maker” by The Hollies
  • “Square One” by Tom Petty
  • “Same in Any Language” by I Nine

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