DVD: Looper

Looper DVD


So not your typical sci-fi time travel movie. I’d say this is more of a shoot ‘em up action flick with just a smidge of an Inception­-y twist than anything.

Set in the year 2044, Joe (played by the prosthetically altered Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a looper. Since it’s nearly impossible to dispose of bodies 30 years into the future, mob bosses and crime lords of 2074 send their vermin back through time travel and Joe deals with them and then gets rid of the bodies. The problem is, eventually these evil head honchos want to “close the loop,” and that’s where they send the future versions of these loopers back to ultimately kill themselves. Not to worry though, there’s a huge payout and you still get to live the next 30 years of your life in peace.

But what happens when the loop isn’t closed and the future version gets away? Well, that’s what happens to Joe. His future self, Old Joe (played by Bruce Willis, or the reason they had to mutate JGL’s already perfect face), escapes before Joe has a chance to kill him and sets out on this manhunt to kill three little kids, one of which becomes a deranged telekinetic tyrant in the future (one of the aforementioned evil head honchos who has sent him back), known only as the “Rainmaker.” JGL gets part of a map on which BW has marked the addresses of these kids. With one of the addresses on the portion he snatched, JGL then sets out to find the house in hopes that he’ll be able to corner his older self and finish the task at hand, while, of course, being hunted himself by the organization that employs him as a looper (basically, you’re not supposed to let your older self go—that’s a big no no).

Enter Emily Blunt as Sara and her son Cid, who live on the farm marked on the map that JGL sought out in an attempt to try to capture BW. I won’t spoil the ending, but essentially emotions are sparked and some stuff happens (and then there’s this scene that I can’t help but think is a total rip off of something Magneto did in ­X-Men).

I’d heard really mixed reviews on this movie. It seemed like you either loved it or hated it. Personally, I really enjoyed it, but when I watched it for the second time with my boyfriend (the first in theatres with some friends), he said the whole concept of the time travel aspect with the loopers had some flaws, and truthfully he was right (or maybe he wasn’t and we’re both just confused for no reason). I have to say I’m biased though. I love movies and books that have anything to do with tyranny, JGL, and anything remotely related to a pre/post-apocalyptic society—which this movie just seems to barely scratch the surface of.

My verdict: I liked it, but see it and decide for yourself.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdfyI6Dr0T4]


Ashley Kowalewski is an editorial assistant and freelance writer based in Toronto. She has enough nail polish to last a lifetime, reads too much for her own good, and is hopelessly in love with Matt Damon (and his bad movies, too). Follow her @AshKowalewski.

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