DVD: The Bourne Legacy



If you’ve met me even once in your life, you know that I am madly in love with Matt Damon (like borderline obsessed—speaking of which, if you happen to have his phone number/address, I’m willing to pay top dollar for that info). Apart from my future husband being the lead in the trilogy, I actually loved the Bourne movies—they had conspiracy, espionage, a love story—what’s not to like? Going into The Bourne Legacy, I had quite a few reservations about anyone other than Damon carrying on the storyline.

The one thing I realized within minutes of being in the theatre for The Bourne Legacy was that they really weren’t trying to make this movie the same as the first three—it was a completely new character (Jeremy Renner à la rogue ex-Black Briar agent Aaron Cross), new-ish plot (there is still a lot of crossover of the original trilogy, in the way of the political turmoil that has been left from Jason Bourne shooting everything up and exposing pretty much everyone), and a new conspiracy—oh, and Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Mustn’t forget them.

Renner plays an ex agent that is a part of a program getting “shut down” (as in they are the program, as in the head honchos of said secret agent program is choosing to kill off the agents, one by one), and in turn tries to beat the system and get to the root of the conspiracy that they are all being forced to take this medicine that you become dependent upon. Essentially, Renner sets out to find Weisz (who is one of the doctors for the “program”) while outrunning the people who are trying to kill him, while the head honcho guys worry frantically over whether or not all of this information is going to be leaked, and then they’ll have more than just Jason Bourne to deal with.

I went into this movie with very low hopes for how good it was going to be, but to put it simply, it wasn’t that bad. Considering Matt Damon wasn’t in it (actually, that’s not entirely true—they showed his picture for a whole five seconds and it was magical), and it doesn’t really follow the original plot, it was pretty good. With that being said, there were a lot of little nuances that unless you had seen the original Bourne flicks, you wouldn’t have caught, and unless you had understood the original political issues, you wouldn’t appreciate.


(If Matt Damon were in it, it would have received an automatic A+ from me.)


Ashley Kowalewski is an editorial assistant and freelance writer based in Toronto. She has enough nail polish to last a lifetime, reads too much for her own good, and is hopelessly in love with Matt Damon (and his bad movies, too). Follow her @AshKowalewski.

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