DVD: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012)


I admit it: I’m a sap. A complete and utter sap. I cry during almost every movie I watch — even when I know what’s going to happen. And for some weird reason, I love to cry at the movies! Or, even better, in the privacy of my own home. Which is why I save some movies that I know are going to really make me cry for their DVD release. I’m sure my movie companions thank me.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is definitely a good movie for a cry-fest on the couch. It’s about a young, happily married, infertile couple from a quiet, small town. Since I happen to know a few couples who have been in this situation, I have a lot of empathy for the characters, sweetly played by Jennifer Garner (one of my celebrity faves) and Joel Edgerton. (By the way, this is at least the second time Jennifer Garner has played a character with fertility problems. Remember Juno?)

In what is probably the sweetest scene in the movie, they decide that before they put to rest the idea of having a kid, they need to really, thoroughly explore it, by answering the question: what would our kid be like?  They write their answers  – “our kid would ROCK,” “Picasso with a pencil” and “honest to a fault”, among others – on small sheets of paper, and put them in a wooden box, which they then bury in their garden. That night, something magical happens, and Timothy arrives. 

Timothy, of course, is their son, imagined into being. He has all of the qualities they wrote down on those slips of paper. And he is delightful in every way. He’s super cute, funny, curious, charming, kind, open to the world. He also has a secret that makes their life together … odd.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a great (though predictable) family movie, one you can watch with children and adults alike. And, despite my teary blubbering at some points, it isn’t all sad. It’s sweet, funny – one memorable scene has Timothy draw a strikingly true likeness of his mom’s boss (played by the inimitable Dianne Wiest), right down to the hairs on her chinny-chin-chin – charming, and even a little bit special.

Just like Timothy himself.



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