Home Theatre Tuesday (April 24, 2012)

Each week, we bring you a quick run-down of what’s out on DVD so you don’t miss the hits and you can skip the misses.
Rent it: Contraband

I’m not much into action movies. But after seeing The Italian Job, also starring Mark Wahlberg, I realized I need to give them more of a chance. Which is why I saw Contraband. 

Contraband isn’t so much of an action movie as it is suspense. While there are some high adrenaline physical moments and hot chases, it is more comprised of palpably tense phone calls and confrontations. Combined with talented roster of actors (well, I’m not so much a fan of Wahlberg but this is his genre if there was one), these scenes make for a captivating thriller with perfect pacing and occasional bouts of action.

Read the rest of Michelle’s review.

Also out: Pariah

This drama, about a young African American lesbian (Adepero Oduye) coming to terms with her identity, got high praise from top critics. It also landed some pretty sweet indie loot including Best Cinematography at Sundance and the John Cassavetes Award at the Indie Spirits.


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