DVD: Crazy Stupid Love


That is such a cliche. So says Steve Carells character as a rain storm suddenly pours down after his lowest moment in Crazy Stupid Love.

If youve only seen the trailer (with that overly swelling Muse soundtrack), you might be tempted to say the same about the romantic dramedy, which documents in a semi-Love, Actually style, the various types and stages of L-O-V-E. And indeed, there are plenty of expected and not-totally-fresh feel good moments throughout the film. However, like a solid long-term relationship, there are just enough surprises to keep you not only interested but genuinely excited. Some are crazy (Josh Grobanyes, that Josh Grobanplaying a lawyer!?). Some are stupid (Marisa Tomei jumping Steve Carells bones with crazy eyed aplomb). But most of it is just, to quote Eliza Doolittle, loverly. Really, really, really loverly.

Read the rest of Emily’s review.


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